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Ontworpen door Serif


If you would like to see your own link here let me know:



www.gameover.nl                          Retro games shop in Amsterdam


www.retrocomputermuseum.nl               Dutch collector


www.videopac.com                         Very serious videopac collector


www.videopac.nl/                         Home of the videopac forum


www.atariage.com/                        Great atari site


www.mr-atari.com/                        Dutch Atari collector


www.geocities.com/rene_g7400/index.html  Videopac programmer      


www.vectrex.nl                           Dutch vectrex collector


www.packratvg.com                        Retro homebrews etc............


www.gamefaqs.com/                        Where I go when I’m stuck!


www.classicgaming.com/blackmoon          Great Cd-i site


www.bonami-spelcomputer-museum.nl/       They collect everything!!!


www.zelda.com/universe/                  My favourite game series 8-)


www.geocities.com/dronspa/index.htm      Videopac collector


www.classic-consoles-center.at           Austrian Collector


www.consolepassion.co.uk                 UK based retro games site


www.dcharged.blogspot.com                A friends blog, non-game related


Kaori30.com                              French collector with a lot of stuff!